About the Guru

I’ve been making a profit betting consistently on NH racing for several years, keeping strict records & tipping to a growing band of customers for the last four.

April 2012 +400pts (15% on stake)

April 2013 +430pts (18% on stake)

April 2014 +550pts (25% on stake)

April 2015 +499pts  (28% on stake)

April 2016  -178pts   (14% on stake)

Last season was the first losing season for six years. No charges were made to ant client for the 2015/16 season. The whole of the season was a disaster in all honesty. Still, onwards & upwards as they say to a bumper 2016/17 season!


Obviously you will find things a bit slow during the summer months with less confidence than the winter months as the horses are of a lesser standard. And the betting activity heightens during Cheltenham meetings & in particular the festival. The advice would come in the shape of say – 2pts ew Coneygree @12/1.

The advised stake & the (obtainable) price at the time – by obtainable I mean with a firm which takes more than a tenner!

Which brings me neatly to the problem of getting on. There will only be NINE firms I will be advising you bet with. There will be notable exceptions. This is because I feel they are a complete waste of time. They will restrict you after three winners! The companies I advise will restrict you once you consistently win, but you will hopefully get at least one seasons profit out of them. Having your bets restricted may be a new experience to some of you. It is frustrating, but what I will say is they do not restrict losing accounts. It proves…….


One more thing. You will not be betting in “dodgy” races ie ew when the fav is odds on, sellers, claimers etc. So you should last a while as you’ll be betting in competitive races, and hopefully BIG PRICE WINNERS!!

If you would like a list of the bookmakers I suggest you open accounts with, please contact me.

I have not named on the site the ones I suggest you bet with, or the ones to avoid for obvious reasons.


Good luck!

The Guru