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Welcome to the tipster guru

  • Have you ever wanted to make a PROFIT BETTING on the HORSES?
  • Are you fed up with doing your money?

Enrol in this excellent tipping SERVICE and you WILL MAKE A PROFIT over the course of the NH season (no flat racing selections). As in all betting we will have our bad runs but at the end of the season you WILL MAKE A PROFIT! This could range from 15% ROI (Return On Investment) as in season 2012/2013, 16% in 13/14, 27% 14/15, through to 42% last season. That means for every £100 you’re investing over the year May 16 to April 17 you’re making £42 profit!

How does that sound?



You become a member – either monthly, bi-annual or annual – the choice is yours.
You may cancel your membership at any time. But what would be the point if you’re making the money I’m confident you will be making. My members get used to the EXTRA CASH!

You will be notified in the afternoon whether or not there is a bet or bets the following day.
So if there’s no bet you don’t have to worry about checking your e-mails.

If there is a bet(s) , you will be told how many e.g two bets, or bet at Newbury tomorrow. Then in the vast majority of cases you will get an e-mail BY 7PM THE PREVIOUS EVENING giving you the selection, the advised bet (in points), the advised price & the firms advertising those prices.

There will be a FULL ANALYSIS on the race giving reasons why I think this is a bet, possible dangers & horses I think are poor value (often the fav). There are only NINE companies I shall be advising you bet with. The rest are a waste of time & are better off ignored!

When I advise a bet I shall try to ensure as much as I can the price is freely available – not disappearing as I e-mail you. Mind you, 80%+ of my selection’s SP’s are much shorter than the prices you are taking. The difference for you is – you will be getting on BEFORE any gamble has started, not half-way through the morning when the horse is HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE on oddschecker! You can go to work, or the races, whatever you’re doing the following day, knowing you’re on.

How you stake is up to you, £5, £10, £20 a point. Whatever you’re comfortable with.
Try & have a starting bank though so you don’t feel under pressure.
There’s twelve months in a season.

REMEMBER – It’s a marathon, not a sprint